Aaron Smith- Associate Artist

Aaron Smith is a father of five. He graduated from Grand View College with a degree in Creative Performing Arts. Over the years Aaron has appeared in several productions at Grand View, the Des Moines Playhouse, Stage West, the Drama Workshop, Cedar Rapids Playhouse, and Revival Theatre Company. Some of his most notable productions include: Little Shop of Horrors (The Voice of the Plant), Raisin in the Sun (Walter Lee Younger), The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (Aslan), Ragtime (Coalhouse Walker), Fences (Troy Maxon), Moutaintop (Martin Luther King Jr., Parade (Newt Lee), and A Soldier's Play (Sgt. Waters). Aaron can also be found singing lead vocals in the all educator funk band Faculty Lounge.

Meet Aaron:

Favorite Pyramid Memory: I have so many things that I will always remember from these two productions, but I think the most memorable would be how mesmerized the audiences were on the openings nights of both Fences and A Soldier's Play. You work really hard and finally get to see how your efforts will be accepted. When the lights come up and you see those appreciative faces, faces that seem stunned and in awe of what they just witnessed, it lets you know that it was all worth it. It lets you know that you've given the audience something unique. Something special.

Show you hope Pyramid does one day: I would love to see Pyramid produce Sophisticated Ladies, The Color Purple or Raisin. 

What does Pyramid mean to you: It means that we get to tell our own stories, and not just fit in as a part of someone else's.