March 25th 12:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m/March 26th 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. OPEN CALL at the Des Moines Playhouse

Calling all actors, singers, praise teams, and choirs for roles in Pyramid Theatre Company's 2017 Season:

The Amen Corner by James Baldwin-

MARGARET ALEXANDER - Pastor of the church 35-50
ODESSA - Margaret's older sister 50-65
IDA JACKSON - a young woman 18-25
SISTER MOORE - elder of the church 35-50
SISTER BOXER - elder of the church 35-50
BROTHER BOXER - elder of the church 30-50
DAVID - Margartet's 18 year-old son
LUKE - Margaret's husband 35-50

The Amen Corner ENSEMBLE: Men and women that are strong gospel and spiritual singers. Choirs, Praise Teams, and individuals.

Mississippi... by Jonathan Norton-

ROBBIE MONROE: 16 years old. Robbie is short for Roberta.
Robbie has a childhood scar on her palm. The scar should be on the hand the actress writes with.
CLAUDETTE HOLLINS: 23 years old. Robbie’s older sister.
The Actress that plays Claudette also plays MYRLIE EVERS in Act Two.
JIMMIE HOLLINS: 27 years old. Claudette’s husband.
The Actor that plays Jimmie also plays MEDGAR EVERS in Act Two.
GERTIE MONROE: 45. Robbie and Claudette’s mother. A schoolteacher.
ROBERT-EARL MONROE: 47. Robbie and Claudette’s father, and Gertie’s husband. A high school football coach.
CHARLES “CHUCK” PRUITT: 47. Lives down the street from Robbie’s family. Owns a café. Friends call him Chuck or Pruitt.

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