Brendan Dunphy (Mr. Marks)


Brendan Dunphy (Mr. Marks) returns to theater after a 4-year absence, during which he has focused on his development in film, music, television, and publishing. Brendan has worked with many theater companies in Des Moines since 2007 (e.g. Stagewest, Repertory Theater of Iowa, Des Moines Metro Opera, Des Moines Playhouse) and was a staple of the Des Moines Social Club in its emergent five years at 1408 Locust and the Kirkwood Hotel. Brendan created and showcased The Martin McDonagh Project at the DMSC from 2009 to 2012, taking on roles as executive producer and actor for the playwright's complete dramatic corpus. It remains one of his proudest achievements. Outside of theater, Brendan is currently finishing two film documentaries about Jack Trice and Nile Kinnick with his film partners, DSM-based Iowa Filmmakers and KC-based Brainroot Light and Sound. He made his music debut last winter as a vocalist for The Suir with the release of their rock EP, Experiments With Animals. In conjunction with his recent 10-year entomological career at Iowa State University, Brendan has hosted insect TV shows (Insect Dissection, Insects in the City, Planet Ant, etc.) for BBC, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, and other natural history networks around the world. He has also created content on invertebrates for various natural history books through Discovery Communications (Bugopedia, Animal Encyclopedia, Animal Atlas, etc.). As a scholar and expert of mosquito ecology, Brendan will also be publishing his third science article for the primary literature this year, a 15-year summary of West Nile virus in Iowa.