Ryan Collier (Tony Carter)

Ryan Collier

Ryan Collier (Tony Carter) is excited to be back on stage with Pyramid Theatre Company’s Too Heavy for Your Pocket. His previous productions include: Intimate Apparel (George). He has been a successful independent R&B singer/song writer since 2006 and has been involved in the arts since he was young. Ryan is a successful businessman outside of theatre and owns Izz One Studios based out of Des Moines. He has worked on numerous projects with Wind Swept Publishing, DLove Enterprises, and Strange Music. He is also a member of The Takeover Band as well as Dick Danger Band, and he hosts an online venue called The Light Room. He is going to continue to pursue theatre work in the future and is honored to be on stage with the cast of Too Heavy for Your Pocket.  Ryan would like to thank his mother, Lori, for believing in and supporting him, and director Tiffany Johnson for giving him this great opportunity.