Pyramid Theatre and EquiTrust Life Insurance offer free tickets to veterans and active military members!

*Tickets are limited and based on availability. Opening Nights are not included in this offer and there is a limit of one ticket per service member or veteran.*

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Thank you for making our 2016 season great... Now join the growing list of people that have joined the family!

Carol Bodensteiner, Neil E. Salowitz & Debra S. Salowitz Revocable Trust, Vernon C. Johnson and Teree Caldwell-Johnson, Jerry Patterson, Renee Hardman, Rosemary Parson, Gary Moore, Brian D Vaughan, Matthew McIver, Ray W Bagg, Linda Appelgate, Joel D Hade, Anessa Woods, Rachel Storey, Valeska Buie, Todd and Sue Mattison, Robert Angelici, Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey Charitable Foundation, Beth Younger, Linda Bacon, Melisa Klimaszewski, Lu Spaine, Bob and Jeanne Hopson, Martin and Gilmara Mitchell, Lynn Hicks, Patrick Phillips-Schrock, Andrea Sanders, Rosa Hutchinson, Anita Fleming-Rife, Monica Stovall, Brigitte Black,  Mary Gottschalk, Deborah Alexander, Diane Glass, Pat Boddy, Randy E. McMullin